If you have a cylinder and don’t want to wait for repairs, just exchange it!

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Add a piston and gasket to your cylinder and recieve FREE shipping one way.

Canada’s fastest way to service your cylinder. Fast Enterprises’ Core Exchange Program is designed for accelerated turnaround on our OEM size plated cylinders for customers who may have tight deadlines or upcoming events when our shop turnaround time may not suffice. Fast stocks hundreds of cores across various applications. So whether your choice of powersports involves snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, or personal watercraft, Fast Enterprises can help you get back in action with the least amount of downtime possible.

How It Works:

Fast Enterprises’ Core Exchange Program requires that a customer sends in their cylinder in exchange for a Fast Enterprises core cylinder. Customers have two options when utilizing this program:

  1. Customers can request that a cylinder core is shipped out prior to Fast receiving the customer’s cylinder core. This option will apply a Core Charge to the customer’s order. A core charge is a percentage of the manufacturer cost of a cylinder that is added to Fast Enterprises’ shelf price of the same cylinder. For instance, a customer requests a cylinder with a Fast shelf price of $300.00. The core charge for this specific cylinder may be $200. This will bring the customer’s total bill to $500.00 (plus shipping/handling charges). Upon receipt of the cylinder core, the customer will be required to remove the attached Core Tag, and return ship it along with their own cylinder that they are exchanging for the new cylinder. DO NOT send your cylinder before receiving the new cylinder and core tag. Upon receipt and inspection of the customer’s order and finding the cylinder to be in acceptable condition, Fast Enterprises will reimburse the applied core charge back to the customer through means of a check, credit card reimbursement, or in-house credit towards Fast Enterprises’ products and services. The core exchange transaction for this cylinder order is then completed.
  2. The second option the customer has is to send in their cylinder core to Fast Enterprises and have it exchanged upon receiving and inspection. In order to avoid a cylinder meant for exchange being entered for service work, a note explaining that the cylinder is for exchange only must be included with the cylinder. Utilizing this option will bypass the core charge and reimbursement process. For example, the customer’s bill for the cylinder mentioned in option one above would instead have a bill total of $300.00 and the transaction would be completed after shipping charges and payment.

Acceptable Cores:

Cylinders for Fast Enterprises’ Core Exchange Program must be inspected and met within the following criteria to qualify as an acceptable core for exchange:

  1. No detonation on the cylinder.
  2. No broken skirts on the cylinder.
  3. No porting within the cylinder.
  4. No sleeves installed (cast iron, aluminum, or other)
  5. Cylinder must be OEM size (no overbores).
  6. The cylinder being sent in for exchange must be the same type of cylinder that is being sent out from Fast Enterprises. For example, a KTM 250 cylinder will not be accepted for a Yamaha 125 cylinder regardless if it meets the rest of the criteria mentioned above.

Fast Enterprises maintains an expansive cylinder core inventory, but we highly recommend giving a call to one of our sales technicians before utilizing any of the Core Exchange Program options to ensure that the cylinder you are looking to exchange is in stock as some cylinders are rare and come in high demand. If a cylinder core is unavailable at the time of request, Fast Enterprises can always replate your cylinder within our regular turnaround time. Rush service is also available.

In either case, the remanufactured cylinder you receive will perform as well or better than a new one and will carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Core Exchange Pricing

Core Exchange Single Cylinder $329.95
Core Exchange Mono Block $549.95

Call (204) 888-2705 for availability.