Cylinder Head Services

Fast Enterpriss cylinder head services

Fast Enterprises, located in Canada, offers cylinder head repair services using a simultaneous 5-axis computer numeric controlled cylinder head porting center and seat and guide machine tooled up to provide the highest quality repairs on your heads. Fast Enterprises’ repaired heads meet or exceed the performance of the original head with the added benefit of huge savings. Not to mention the ability to save ported or one-of-a-kind heads. Fast Enterprises also offers complete kits that come assembled with new valve, springs or other specific parts and services. Fast Enterprises provides a complete array of preventative maintenance services.

While not all heads are manufactured the same, Fast Enterprises repairs all cylinder heads with the same quality process. By using the latest CNC technology Fast Enterprises insures that every chamber and valve job is perfect. This is not possible when producing heads on a large scale. Our CNC seat and guide machine achieves seat profiles and accuracy not possible on an OEM head. We include a bowl blend that will improve head flow and power. We also offer decking or surface grinding to provide a perfectly flat gasket sealing surface. Decking the head can also be done to raise the compression.

Fast Enterprises offers a variety of different services for a wide array of applications. Snowmobiles, street bikes, personal watercrafts, and dirt bikes are just a small selection of heads that Fast Enterprises can service. Whether you are looking to resurface, weld, or turn your two-stroke cylinder head or you need a valve job, new springs, or seats for your four-stroke head, Fast Enterprises has the tools, machines, and most of all the experience, to get your cylinder heads working better than brand new.

Whatever your cylinder head or performance needs, Fast Enterprises has you covered. If you do not see a service offered in the table below, feel free to give us a call. Just because a service is not listed, does not mean we do not or cannot offer it!

Cylinder Head Repair & Maintenance

Prices for individual services do not include any additional costs for parts when applicable

Repair/ Valve Job
49 Surface Grind Single Head $65.00
521 Replace Valve Guide with Valve Job $65.45
501 4 Valve single head valve job $202.95
523 4 Valve single head replace all guides with valve job $241.39
512 4 Valve single head replace all seats and guides with valve job $288.94
500 4 vavle single head repair and weld replace seats and guides with vavle job $421.36
Seats $30-$45
Guides $35-$45
Valves—Aftermarket Steel $25-$30
Valves—aftermarket TI $89.95-$123.95